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The STAR programme contains a series of fun games designed to help young deaf children improve their speechreading (lipreading) as well as to use these speechreading skills to support their early phonics and reading development. We have recently tested them in a randomised controlled trial with deaf 5-7 year old children. We found that 12 weeks playing these games led to improvements in speechreading sentences delivered by unfamiliar speakers that were not seen in the intervention. You can find more information about this study in our paper https://pubs.asha.org/doi/10.1044/2019_JSLHR-H-19-0073

We are currently working on making the STAR games available to practitioners working with deaf children. We will post more information on here when they are available. In the meantime - please do check out our demo of the games on this page and get in touch if you have any queries: m.macsweeney@ucl.ac.uk tel 020 7679 1157

We would also welcome any feedback or suggestions you have on any aspect of the game.

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Mairéad MacSweeney


tel: 020 7679 1157

This research has been approved by the UCL Research Ethics Committee (ref: 3612/003). All data collected during this project will be processed in compliance with the Data Protection Act.